Windows Kernel Driver Development


emsys also offers development services for Windows™ Kernel Mode drivers.

These services cover the whole development process from design through implementation to test and release.

Technologies & Experience

  • Support of WDF, UMDF, KMDF, NDIS and WDM driver models
  • Universal driver model
  • Experienced with the following driver types:
    • Network: MBIM, NCM, ECM, EEM, Gigabit performance
    • USB CDC-ACM Serial and Modem
    • Generic USB access for proprietary protocols
    • USB function controller drivers
    • Filter drivers:
      • for access restriction USB devices
      • Keyboard drivers
      • Mouse drivers
    • Complex bus drivers
    • Advanced power management, selective suspend
  • Digital signature for your driver
  • Automatic driver installation

Design & Performance

  • driver development follows the same goals and principles as all software development at emsys
  • support for multi-threaded and multi-processor environments considered during the whole development process
  • High performance and low CPU load drivers
  • Real-time and low-latency implementations
  • No memory allocations in data path

Quality & Tests

  • Static code analysis
  • Functional tests on various operating systems with driver verifier
  • Unit tests of modules

WHQL Testing

emsys offers WHQL test and certification services for your drivers and drivers developed in-house.

  • Parallel test execution on various clients for fast test execution
  • Support for complex test setups with client-server architecture
  • Analysis of test failures and identification of failure root causes
  • Test iteration with statistical information
  • Creation of submission packages
  • Submission at Microsoft® Dashboard


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