Mobile Broadband Signal Level Meter

Signal Level Meter

Model ELM-41-WM-B

2G/4G Mobile Network

  • Scan and analyze available networks
  • Provide cell details
  • Measure signal level and quality
  • Register to network and do live-scan
  • Upload/download speed test
  • Long-term scan (up to 24 hours)
  • FAKRA D antenna connector

Wireless M-Bus

  • Scan for smart meter devices (868 MHz)
  • Basic wM-Bus message decoding
  • Report manufacturer ID, serial number, device type, encryption type, RSSI and raw payload
  • Long-term scan (up to 24 hours)
  • FAKRA C antenna connector
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ELM app image 2
ELM app image 1

Smartphone App interface

  • Bluetooth and USB upstream interfaces
  • Measurement control and result visualization
  • Reference Android™ App available on Google Play™

Easy handling

  • Compact size: 136 × 74 × 32 mm
  • Magnetic back allows easy mounting
  • Integrated battery for up to 16 hours of operation

Usage scenarios

Rolling out smart metering devices is a challenging process. Prior to gateway installation, the emsys Signal Level Meter supports service technicians by providing detailed information about attainable signal quality for appropriate mobile networks, discover the optimal location for antenna installation, prepare gateway system configuration, and more.

Open and well-documented Bluetooth and USB communication protocols enable device integration into custom smart meter rollout software.

Alternatively, emsys‘ own reference Android app can be used for free.

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