emsys Reference projects

Following is a list of current production-state customer projects supported by emsys.

High-performance USB connectivity stack for Smartphones and Modems

Emsys provides software implementation and world-wide integration support to smartphone market leaders for our configurable high-performance USB stack supporting CDC-MBIM, NCM, ACM, Mass Storage, Audio, MTP, PTP and ADB.

Our USB stack is optimized for aggressive energy management and provides support for SSIC, HSIC, external USB Phy layers and various host/device/OTG controllers. This makes it the ideal solution for mobile devices.

Camera Control

Our camera control protocol stacks support industry-standard Pan-Tilt and Camera/Lens control systems such as Pelco D, Sony Visca, Tamron (e. g., LVZ3X5016N, LQZ3X3510V), DRS Tamarisk 640. Transport layers are implemented for UART (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, …), TCP and UDP.

Customers appreciate our mature Continuous Integration infrastructure performing 100 % function-covering unit tests and fully-automated functional hardware tests for each software repository change.

Windows Kernel HID Filter

Our Windows Kernel HID Filter Driver pack enables filtering of input events from all connected Mouse and Keyboard Human Interface Devices. It is used by vendors of security sensitive embedded devices.

Unilink USB 2.0 Adapter

A protocol converter from USB 2.0 to Unilink, used in public transportation vehicle service. Device specification, firmware development and host driver software implementation were performed by emsys. Production is supported by partners.

Hardware IP Components for Industrial Cameras

Industrial camera vendors are using emsys IP components such as USB, Gigabit Ethernet or IEEE 1394 cores for high-bandwidth data transfer.

Hardware IP for ASICs

In collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS several IP cores (USB, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 1394) are offered for integration in ASICs.

USB Compliance Tests

Emsys provides pre-compliance testing for USB Hi-Speed and Full-Speed devices. Our measurements include signal quality, eye diagram and power consumption. Device interoperability is verified with our USB Gold Tree.


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