emsys Academy

In our seminars, experienced emsys USB developers introduce different aspects of the USB protocol. We cover the basics of the USB standards for USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 as well as most of the defined USB classes. Advanced topics like Inter-Chip Hi-Speed and SuperSpeed connections as well as special techniques of analyzing USB data traffic. Demonstrations with USB protocol analyzers are available as seminar extension.

Basic Seminars

USB Protocol Basics

This seminar mainly addresses system designers but also members of the technical management. Besides protocol knowledge the following details are covered:

  • USB 2.0 Protocol Basics
  • USB 3.0 Protocol Basics
  • USB Device Class Overview

Duration: 1 day

USB Software Basics for Embedded Systems

  • USB Host/Device firmware architecture
  • Modeling Device/Interface/Endpoint

Duration: 4 hours

The Basic Seminar can be combined with the following use-case oriented firmware seminars.

Firmware Seminars

Character Input/Output via USB

  • CDC-ACM Class
  • How to replace RS-232 by USB

Duration: 4 hours

Transferring Pictures and Audio Data via USB

The focus of this seminar is communication of multi-media devices like digital cameras, portable audio/video players, mobile phones with a host system. The focuses are:

  • USB Video Device Class
  • USB Still Image Device Class
  • MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)

Duration: 1 day

Printing via USB

PictBridge is a standard protocol which is supported by almost all up-to-date printers on the market. This seminar brings you up to date. The course covers the following items:

  • Still Image Device Class
  • Direct Print Standard – PictBridge
  • USB Printer Device Class

Duration: 4 hours

All seminars can be held at emsys (Ilmenau, Germany) or at a facility of your choice. All participants get a printed documentation and an emsys certificate. Besides the standard training program emsys offers customer specific training courses tailor-made to fit your individual requirements.

Project Assistance

USB experts from emsys can help you with your USB design.

  • Design a USB interface
  • Select suitable USB classes
  • Design proprietary USB protocols
  • Consider performance, ease of use and extended error handling
  • Interoperability with different operating systems

Expert Consultation

Experts from emsys help you improving your project.

  • Protocol analysis with USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 hardware analyzers
  • Preparation for USB logo certification
  • WHQL certification
  • Interoperability with different host controllers and operating systems

For individual offers please contact the emsys Technical Support.


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