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emsys - The experts in serial communication

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The emsys Embedded Systems GmbH is a German engineering company with more than 10 years of practical experience in the embedded domain.

The company has a strong focus on communication protocols like USB (Host, Device, OTG, Revision 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0), IEEE 1394 (FireWire™) and TCP/IP as well as higher level protocols such as RNDIS, OBEX, MTP, and PictBridge or specific derivates, e.g., for USB-based smart cards (ETSI TS 102 600, ISO 7816, USB-ICC).

All emsys solutions are compliant with the relevant standards and certified in multiple customer projects by the appropriate procedures (e.g., USB-IF, CIPA, PlaysForSure).

Emsys provides complete solutions from training and consulting via hardware and software development projects through to selling intellectual property (hardware and software) or complete products.

The company works closely with well-established silicon foundries and platform vendors, especially in the communication and multimedia business. Emsys offers worldwide service.

Software packages (in C and C++) are available for various (real-time) operating systems, e.g., Nucleus, embOS, OSE, and many more as well as Windows and Linux for emulation and development purposes. Different license models are offered.

For ASIC customers, hardware IP is provided through the CorePool. FPGA customers may obtain IP through IFI or directly from emsys.

Software packages and projects are available for the emsys IP cores as well as for many different third-party hardware platforms (please ask for an up-to-date list). All software packages can be ordered directly from emsys.

At a glance

Competence in USB

We provide software for USB Host and Device to:

  • Establish virtual networking connections via CDC, RNDIS, TCP/IP, OBEX
  • Transfer audio and video data via MTP
  • Print without a PC using PictBridge
  • Transfer data via Wireless LAN

USB 2.0

  • On-The-Go
  • High speed, Full speed
  • Embedded host and device IP Cores

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)

  • Windows Media Player and PlaysForSure 2.x compliant


  • CIPA compliant
  • Direct Print

IEEE 1394a/b (FireWire™)

  • Optimized for audio and video streaming
  • Embedded Link Layer IP Cores


  • CDC Ethernet, CDC EEM, RNDIS, OBEX
  • Embedded Gigabit Ethernet IP Core
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